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Our Agency

Southeastern is committed to fostering growth on the foundation of our core values.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: Empowering people to discover their directions for life in a changing world.

Vision: Southeastern is committed to providing hope for today, growth for tomorrow, and direction for life.

Our Core Values

The following phrases reflect the foundation of our corporate culture. They are the principles which govern our decision making, direct our behavior and provide a unity of purpose.

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Our staff meet people where they are at by providing a safe and welcoming place.

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Southeastern employs staff with high values and offers them the opportunity to have a meaningful career.

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Helping people to gain skills to grow and build supportive social systems.

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Promoting quality of life through partnering, educating, and supporting individuals and the community by helping people to recognize their own strengths to build resiliency.

Board Of Directors

  • Scott Cross
  • Steve Ciofalo
  • Michael Nadolski
  • John Hinrichs
  • Andi Anderson
  • James Nold
  • Mike Sheehan
  • Richard Travis
  • Steve Lindquist
  • Jeremy Grady
  • Julie Johnson Dresbach
  • Craig Lindens
  • Mathew Stanley
  • Shawn Van Gerpen
  • Abbey Vanderwerf

Consider Donating

It's gifts from people like you that help us provide valuable mental and behavioral health resources to your community. Consider donating to make a difference for those that need it most.

How to Donate
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