Specialized Counseling

Southeastern works to ensure our community is supported with a variety of counseling and therapy programs. Our specialized counseling services provide specific support to those dealing with situations and conditions that require special care. Browse our specialized counseling services and reach out to our team to get started.

EMDR is a therapy aimed at helping people recover from a traumatic event. It involves moving your eyes a specific way while you process traumatic memories.

Grief therapy is designed to help you work through the various stages and range of emotions you feel after a loss.

Couples counseling focuses on improving relationship satisfaction and conflict resolution between couples.

A family-based therapy that focuses on building skills to improve family relationships, reduce behavioral issues and improve school performance. FFT is a clinical model that increases a family’s motivation to change and tailor’s interventions to each family’s unique risk and protective factors.

A psycho-educational intervention geared towards adolescents ages 12-17. Specific cognitive interventions are incorporated with the goal to help children and adolescents strengthen social skills, moral reasoning, anger management and to reduce aggressive behavior.

An evidence-based program that combines education and structured exercises to assist participants in addressing negative thought and behavior patterns. MRT includes 12 steps which focus on issues such as honesty, trust, acceptance, healing, relationships, and goal setting.

CBT is a type of talk therapy that helps people understand how thoughts affect emotions and behaviors. CBT focuses on changing the automatic negative thoughts by identifying faulty thoughts, challenging them, and replacing them with more objective and realistic thoughts.

DBT is an evidenced based therapy for people who experience emotions very intensely. DBT focuses on helping people accept the reality of their lives and their behaviors, as well as helping them learn to change their lives, including unhelpful behaviors.

DBT teaches four main skills:

  • Mindfulness: the practice of being fully aware and present in this one moment
  • Distress Tolerance: helps you accept yourself and your current situation and prepares you for intense emotions and how to cope with them
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: how to ask for what you want and say no while maintaining self-respect and relationships with others.
  • Emotion Regulation: helps you navigate powerful feelings in a more effective way.

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