A counselor interacting with a patient in a wheelchair, prompting to look outside a window

Education & Integration

Southeastern's Education and Integration services support individuals with developmental disabilities. Discover how our accredited program promotes empowerment through personalized education plans.

What We Do

Our Education & Integration services are certified by the South Dakota Division of Developmental Disabilities and approved by South Dakota and Iowa Departments of Education. We serve children and adults with developmental disabilities, offering special education services in collaboration with local school districts. Accredited by the National Council on Quality and Leadership, we provide comprehensive support.

  • Special Education Services: Tailored to meet individual needs
  • Adult Day Services: Vocational, life skills, social activities
  • Home-Based Services: Enhancing community skills
  • Service Coordination: Access to necessary support
  • Nursing Services: Optimal health maintenance
  • Consultation Services: Meeting unique needs
  • Transitional Services: Smooth transition to adult services
  • Special Requests: Collaborative goal exploration

Our Mission

Empowering people to discover directions for life in a changing world.

Our Vision

Providing hope for today, growth for tomorrow, and directions for life.

Get in Touch

Don't hesitate to reach out for Education and Integration services. We are here to support individuals in achieving their goals. Connect to start the journey toward empowerment.

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