Community Partnerships

At Southeastern, we believe in utilizing all the resources available to us to promote mental health and well-being for those we serve. Through community partnerships, we are able to offer more services and provide valuable support to those who need it most. Explore our current partnerships and initiatives to learn more.

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Alternative Sentencing Program

The Alternative Sentencing Program is designed to reduce incarceration costs by maximizing the community-based services in lieu of incarceration. Clients collaboratively develop a plan for rehabilitation, treatment, and other services with an assigned case manager. The case manager also provides recommendations to courts, referral services for clients and facilitates collaboration between agencies. Additionally, clients that meet criteria for Severe Mental Illness (SMI) will have access to these Southeastern services:

  • Case Management
  • Psychiatry
  • Individual/Group Therapy
  • Recovery Services
  • Medication Management
  • Employment Connection
  • Benefits Specialist

Mobile Crisis Team (MCT)

Since 2011, Southeastern’s Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) has partnered with law enforcement in Minnehaha and Lincoln County to provide 24/7 crisis intervention to individuals who are in a mental health crisis to prevent unnecessary psychiatric admissions to the hospital or incarceration.

MCT is activated by local law enforcement and will meet with the individual wherever they are located to help them develop a plan to be safe and remain in their home and in the community.

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Specialty Courts

In partnership with Minnehaha County, the specialty courts model is aimed to reduce recidivism and decrease the amount of contact that participants may have with the criminal justice system by providing participants with intensive probation, substance use and mental health treatment, vocational support, case management and other life tools.

Mental Health Court – a specialty court utilizing a problem-solving protocol to take people likely to be sentenced to prison because of criminal history and mental health and provides them with intensive probation, treatment, incentives, and other tools for life.

Drug & DUI Court – addresses the need of offenders who struggle with addiction by incorporating substance use treatment, mental health services, and intensive supervision all while following the best practices of the drug court model. Southeastern staff provides mental health treatment including individual and group therapy, case management, psychiatric services, medication management, DBT, MRT, Wellbeing Support Group, Seeking Safety group, Charting a New Course and Bringing Peace to Relationships.

Veteran’s Court – a 5 phase specialty court program for veterans that includes involvement in community support groups, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, educational classes, a system of behavior modification based on incentives and sanctions and community supervision by a Veteran’s Court Team.

Partner With Us For Good

If you are interested in learning more about a particular community partnership, or if you want to team up with us to provide support to your community, reach out to our team. Also, consider donating to help financially support our mission. Your support means the world.

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